Do you want to get played in the official BRODUCER podcast?

I'm very happy to announce that BRODUCER RADIO is launching soon!

This will be OUR podcast. A way for you to get heard, and a voice for Broducers worldwide.

I will play your best tunes, and answer your mixing-related questions.

If you have any wishes or suggestions about the podcast, please write them down in the comments down below! I will be glad to add stuff you want to hear in the podcast.


Wanna submit your track? Follow these steps:

1. Upload your track on Soundcloud

2. Add tag BroducerRadio to your track's tags

3. Share the track with your audience

You will get a comment by me saying "supported" if your track is selected!





When is it launching, Edwan? 

The BRODUCER RADIO launch date is not yet announced. It will be announced first in this blog, so add this blog to your favorites and check back often!


Do you need more mixing tips, some help with your track or FL Studio in general? Don't hesitate to book a Skype session with me, and I will help you!

 I would love to read your feedback about this post. Feel free to write a comment below! 🙌


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