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Edwan Feedback - BRODUCER by EDWAN - Best EDM FLPs, sample packs & Broducer merch

Edwan Feedback

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Do you want useful professional feedback from me?

I (Edwan) will send you a written/video feedback about your track. This feedback will allow you to identify the weaknesses in your mix, structure and melodies. It will allow you to bring your track to the next level, and you will be able to make your track more clean and catchy.
If the track is good enough (before or after feedback), you can get it signed to my label Tropicat Records!
See below for an example of feedback!

I will review the following aspects of your track:

How it works:

      1. Place your order
      2. Send a soundcloud link to your track to feedback@edwanmusic.com
      3. I will email you the feedback (video / written, depending on how you want it), as quickly as possible, within 1 day.

    Here is an example of written feedback:


    • Work on the chord progression: the last chord sounds wrong. Turn this last  (major) chord into a minor chord. That way, the overall chord progression will sound much more natural and catchy.
    • Two leads are playing two different melodies at the same time. You have two solutions:
      • Put one of the two leads one octave lower, remove some of its high frequencies, and add some reverb on it to push it backwards in the mix. Make this "low-octave" melody start playing at half of the drop only, to add interest.
      • Remove one of the melodies, and play the same melody with the second lead.


    • The second break is too long. I got bored after 20 seconds, so try to make it shorter to keep the listener's interest!
    • I really like the part at 55 seconds, when your snare starts playing. Keep this part intact!
    • Add some buildups, as these will result in the listener anticipating the drop and increase excitement.
    • 1min58: remove this vocal chop fx, it does not add anything to the track. Instead, add a drum fill!

    Mixing / Mastering

    • Intro is cool, but it should have more low-end: you cut too much low frequencies in your pad!
    • Add a transient shaper on your pluck (FL Transient Processor is great for this), to make it more present in your break.
    • Cut some of the 500-800Hz frequencies on your piano. This will remove the boxiness of the sound and will make your overall mix cleaner.
    • I really like your bass sound. Try to add some saturation with the free CamelCrusher plugin, it will make it sound even more rich and interesting.
    • Remove the low-end in your pad, this will make your mix cleaner and will prevent your pad from clashing with your kick-bass
    • Add some more sidechain on your bass.
    • Add some light compression on the vocals (2:1 ratio, 3-4 dB of gain reduction during the whole singing part), to make them more present.


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