Hey Broducer, this is Edwan!

 Edwan wearing the Broducer cap and holding the Penychat

This is my official merch and soundbanks website! Buying anything on this store will directly support me and my YouTube channel. I want to share everything that Broducers need to become better at broducing: feedback, FLPs, soundbanks, coaching, mastering and mixing services!

The Broducer (or Sisducer) is a special kind of producer.

He/she is not like everyone else.

The Broducer often eats, sleeps and produces and lives in the same room: the Bedroom is his favourite place. The cat is his favorite animal (meow!).

Maxence, an awesome Broducer making music with his cat.

Of course, the Broducer prays to FL Studio God.

The Broducer loves to collabs with his fellow Broducers and Sisducers.

She/he might be a beginner, but the Broducer is aiming high!

So become part of the Broducer family! Your goal is clear: to Broduce the best tracks ever, and to rock the crowds!