Broduce faster: The FL Studio Mousepad - 5 Minute Challenge Edition is OUT now!

Broduce faster: The FL Studio Mousepad - 5 Minute Challenge Edition is OUT now! - Broducer by Edwan - Unleash Your EDM Potential 🔥 The Best EDM FLPs, sample packs & Broducer merch

I am really excited to present you the FL Studio Mousepad (5 Min Challenge Edition) my first collaboration with my friends at Inside Audio!

The FL Studio Mousepad (5 Min Challenge Edition)

How it all started.

Jeff from Inside Audio contacted me via e-mail, and we jotted down a few ideas about how we could make their awesome FL Studio Mousepad as cool and useful possible for you, Broducers and FL Studio users.


We quickly realized that an important aspect of my production style is speed. If I can get a good sounding drop in 5 minutes, it is largely thanks to the use of the right shortcuts.

The perfect selection of shortcuts.

I have been producing with FL Studio for 10 years. I've had enough time to try all possible shortcuts, and refine my selection over time. I ended up using an optimal selection of shortcuts that enables me to produce very quickly (as you can see in my 5 Minute Challenge videos).

Shortcuts to make you produce faster.

We ended up with the following idea: a new mousepad that highlights all the shortcuts that I am using while producing music. These shortcuts help me to produce faster, and make the transfer of ideas from my brain to FL Studio as seamless as possible. So, using them will allow you to become faster at producing too. To get a list of my favorite shortcuts, I opened FL Studio and started a new track. Every time I was using a shortcut, I wrote it down.

Useful AND beautiful.

The Broducer vibe in your studio!

The FL Studio Mousepad (5 Min Challenge Edition) is available in Jet Black and Fire Red, to remind you that this is a true Broducer studio gear item. I have selected these two colors after discussing with some Broducers - these seem to be the favorite colors.

Useful A.F.

It shows you all my favorite shortcuts: you can quickly identify them thank to their different background color (white background in the red version, brown in the black version). Of course, it still features all the shortcuts of the standard edition.


I am really proud of this mousepad collaboration. It will help you produce faster while bringing a cool broducer vibe to your studio.

Buy the FL Studio Mousepad now (and get 5% off using the code BRODUCER).


The FL Studio Mousepad (5 Min Challenge Edition)



Got any question? Feel free to write it down in the comment section and I will answer you as quickly as possible!



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i am from india a nd i need this mouse pad and how can i buy it????

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