The 10 Ultimate FL Studio Shortcuts to Help You Produce Faster

The 10 Ultimate FL Studio Shortcuts to Help You Produce Faster - Broducer by Edwan - Unleash Your EDM Potential 🔥 The Best EDM FLPs, sample packs & Broducer merch

Hey Broducers!

Today I am showing you the 10 shortcuts that I am using to produce faster. I have gathered these shortcuts while producing and while I was making my 5-minute challenges. I can guarantee you that these will improve your workflow :)

My favorite shortcuts

So here we go! Here is the list of my favorite shortcuts:

  • F5, F6, F9
    • To switch between Playlist, Step sequencer, and mixer
  • B
    • to paint notes, just keep clicking and notes will be drawn. perfect to make chords like a paintducer.
  • P
    • pencil tool, to write notes like with a pencil. pencilducer
  • E
    • to select notes (or patterns in the step sequencer)
  • Shift+up/down
    • to move your notes up or down in piano roll
  • Ctrl+Q 
    • to quantize your notes in the piano roll
  • Ctrl+G
    • to glue your notes together!
  • F12
    • to close all plugin windows, clean all your mess, and free up some RAM
  • Ctrl+V: 
    • in the STEP SEQUENCER too! very useful
  • L
    • to switch between song and step sequencer!



If you are interested in having access to these shortcuts under the palm of your hand, check out the the FL Studio Mousepad (5 Min Challenge Edition)my first collaboration with my friends at Inside Audio(5% off using the code BRODUCER).

The FL Studio Mousepad (5 Min Challenge Edition)


Got any question? Feel free to write it down in the comment section and I will answer you as quickly as possible!



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