3 Websites for Upcoming Producers I wish I knew earlier - Part 1

Hey Broducers, and Multiducers! 

Starting the year with three great websites I'm using pretty often, and that I hope you will find useful to produce faster and better!



Download dozens of great free plugins, including the awesome PianoOne or VSCO (orchestral instruments). Many cool effects AND instruments to use :) 


Great website to download tons of MIDI files of your favorite songs. Great when you want to remix something!


A huge selection of samples and plugins that you can rent (instead of purchasing them)!

I especially love the quality of the sounds they provide. The search engine is better in the web version, though. 

They offer a 14-days free trial that you can get at this link!

Expand Your Sound with Splice. Try it for free now!



What are your favorite websites? Let me know below!


With love and cats,



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