DistroKid: the best service to publish your music on streaming platforms.

DistroKid: the best service to publish your music on streaming platforms. - Broducer by Edwan - Unleash Your EDM Potential 🔥 The Best EDM FLPs, sample packs & Broducer merch

Your track is finished. The cover art is ready. Great!

Let's share it with the world now! But wait:

How do I publish it to Spotify, Apple Music and so on?

You have to choose:

  • Send it to a label and hope for the best (why not try my label, Broducer Records?)!
  • Publish it by yourself, via a distribution service like DistroKid, and be 100% sure your track will be available on every streaming platform.


What distribution service should you use?

There are many. I recommend you DistroKid.

Some charge you for each song, some work on a fixed, yearly fee. Some are free but work as a label, in the sense that they won't accept your track depending on several criteria.

Why DistroKid?

I personally recommend you use a fixed-fee service such as DistroKid. With them, you pay $19.99/year and you can publish as many songs as you want!

For reference, for my first songs, I used TuneCore. I did not like the fact I had to pay an additional $10/year subscription fee for EACH song I published.

DistroKid has a nice and intuitive interface and also offers additional features such as song splits (it automatically splits the earnings among the people who collaborated on your track).

Want to try DistroKid?

👉  Use this link to get a 7% discount on your DistroKid subscription!


Do you have questions about FL Studio or music production?

Leave a comment below and I will answer your question in a next blog post!

👉 For more FL Studio tips and tricks, check out my YouTube video series: FL STUDIO TIPS & TRICKS


👉 And if you need more help with your music, don't be shy: book a coaching session with me!


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