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Mixing your vocals: the typical FX plugin chain

Mixing vocals: FX plugins you need

Hey broducers ! Here are some of the most useful FX plugins for your vocals (in this order):
- an EQ to remove low frequencies (<80Hz) and very high frequencies (>20KHz)
- a compressor (2:1 ratio) to even out the differences in volume
- slight saturation to bring warmth to the vocal
- an EQ to remove unwanted frequencies (loud resonances), and bring up the 4-5KHz frequencies if the vocal needs more presence, 10KHz if it needs more air
- a de-esser to bring down the « s » sounds
- another compressor to compress the vocal a bit more with a higher ratio (3-4:1)
- delay and reverb (sidechained reverb if necessary)

That’s it ! :)


Feel free to ask me anything about mixing vocals! You can also ask the Broducers Reddit community for more tips!

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Mixing your vocals: the typical FX plugin chain