FL Studio: Tail Export Settings (and why they are so important)

FL Studio: Tail Export Settings (and why they are so important) - Broducer by Edwan - Unleash Your EDM Potential 🔥 The Best EDM FLPs, sample packs & Broducer merch

When exporting your song, loop or FX in FL Studio, you get to choose what to do with the "tail" of your rendered audio. 

Here is a quick explanation of each of these tail settings:

Leave remainder

renders the song while keeping any decaying sounds at the end of the song. This is the go-to setting when you are exporting a song, since you usually want to keep the decaying sounds at the end of your song (reverb, delay and so on). 

Wrap remainder

to use when you want to create loopable loops. Wrap Remainder will render the tail of the selection, that is any decaying sound: including the reverb, delay and the part of the instrument that keeps playing after the last bar (release). It starts rendering the last bar, and puts the decaying sounds at the beginning of the loop. Important note about loops: always use the .wav format, since .mp3 inserts a short silence before the loop.

Cut remainder

The setting to use when you want to cut the exported sound at the last bar, selection or time marker. No reverb tail or delay is exported, which may result in the exported sound's volume being cut abruptly.

Fun story about why I started to search for this: 

As I had to export perfectly loopable loops for a video game project, I encountered an issue: when exporting from the FL Studio mixer directly ("arm track" and then "render to wave files"), the end of each loop was cut off. As a result, my loops were not looping smoothly, even if I tried to tweak the "tail" settings.

The only solution was to use the regular export menu ("File --> Export"). Hope this will help someone :)



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Source: FL Studio 20 Reference Manual


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Sam on 2023,06,21

thank you so much, i couldn’t get why my song starts with pads from end

Daniel on 2022,01,16


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