The SEDUCER MERCH is here!

I teamed up with my catducer Mozart to create the softest SEDUCER merch.



Join my YouTube family. Talk to me on my private Discord lounge, get exclusive behind-the-scenes, choose the next video topics & more.

Getting started? Pick a category below.

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Official Merch

The best clothes to wear during your studio sessions! Helps support my channel. Welcome in the family!

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Track Feedback

Let me give you some professional feedback on your demo.

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FLP Packs

FLP Packs that I crafted with love to help you get started with your next Tropical, Progressive or Future House track.

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1-on-1 Coaching

Let me help you get better at music production. During our video call, I will tell you what to do to improve your track and bring it to the next level!