This week’s mixing tip: What is the Stereo Shaper?

This week’s mixing tip: What is the Stereo Shaper? - Broducer by Edwan - Unleash Your EDM Potential 🔥 The Best EDM FLPs, sample packs & Broducer merch

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This week’s question:

 Broducer question

What does stereo enhancer/shaper exactly do?

(question by Samrat Bhattrai)

Great question, Broducer!

Stereo shaper is a great plugin. It can really make your chords sound wider! Here is how it works: it creates some delay between your left and right channel, shifts the phase of your left or right channel, and routes the right channel into the left one (or inversely). These three effects make the sound wider and should be used on chords, second layer of your lead, white noise FXs or on background vocals!

Stereo Enhancer should be used on an already stereo sound. It won't create stereo, but rather enhance the stereo content that is already present. You should use it at the end of your plugin chain on your instrument bus. Don't use any of these two plugins on bass-rich content (bass, sub, etc) as this would create phase problems which would result in phase cancellation when your track is played on a mono system (often the case in many clubs)!

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Ekzis on 2019,04,17

Hi Edwan!
A question for your blog. Can you take any acapella, remix it and upload it to soundcloud without any problems? Cheers, broducer from Sweden

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